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Our sausidges come from prim PIGS and other real animals.
Our JAM comes from real ORANGES.
We say THANK YOU to the ANIMALS and ORANGES from us and ON YOUR BEHALF TOO, if you're going to eat them. That way we all stay healthy and can have fun.
Our clocks are hand adapted by Banjo Stanley himself, so you could call them "One Off" Art Time Pieces if you wanted to.
Each  Time Piece is individually thought about and created with craziness in mind.
They are conceptual, because Banjo goes into a weird trance when he makes them, his spirit wanders around in some strange "Timeless Place tm" where he transends the ordinary into the extraordinary with combinations no one else should or would think of.
Eg,A clock on a grapefruit looking like the Sun; The sun is part of eternity and so is Time Itself. Thats like Art that is.



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