This is the description for our BRAND NEW "gloriously" nutty museli, which we are launching alongside our existing and already very sucessful "simply" Nutty Museli Range.
What we are doing now is in an almost identical packaging, but with subtly different weights.
Simply nutty range used to be sold in 800g packs but is now sold in 580g packs but at the same price.
The new almost identical "GLORIOUSLY" nutty range in the almost identical packaging as the "simply" NUTTY RANGE is sold in subtly smaller packs, like 380g or 600g at a much higher price which we then discount with BOGOF 's.

Confused? Yes, that's the idea!

So then we had the idea of doing a competition to WIN A CAMPER VAN!!!!!!! OR A BIT OF WOODLAND WITH A CERTIFICATE.

The first CAMPER VAN has already been allocated (WON) to a friend of mine. Have a look at the FACEBOOK FEED at for more details :) 
Could you WIN THE NEXT camPERV an??? By some museli from us and i'll let you know if you win

I'm a product with NUTSIN

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