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Locally Sourced Energy Supply/Ecofracking

Banjo Stanley is constantly striving towards new horizons, built with new ideas, new concepts and outside-of-box-thinking.

The current high demand for locally sourced things and Banjos dream of Being Green and Saving The Planet has brought up the latest BSE development project;

Locally Sourced Ecofracked Energy Supplies

In order to Save the Planet, BSE is looking into ways to rid the Earth of troublesome underground deposits of thick treacly poisonous gunk.

This is the very same black sticky stuff that is currently choking up the rivers in Brasil and killing off loads of birds, fish and other animals. Its also the same oily stuff that pollutes the sea when large tankers sink in the beautiful green oceans of the world.

It is so black and gunky that it sticks to fish, penguins, birds, as well as human beings and stops them all from flying or finding something to eat. And it also makes that food taste disgusting. It is NOT like genuine Banjo Stanley rebranded Pressed Olive Oil which is delicious.

Considering all of these issues Banjo has come up with a new Concept;

Locally Sourced Carbon Based Energy Supply.

Using State Of The Art Technology, BSE Power could bring you totally Green Rebranded Energy without poisoning rivers, birds, fish and other things. At the same time ridding us of the dangerous poisonous underground deposits of black gunk which continue to threaten the ecosystem now and in the future.

BSE are looking out now for early adopters who would like to sign up to receive Ultra Green Locally Sourced EcoFracked Energy.

The cost of this energy will be significanltly more expensive than the usual green energy that the Big 7 supply, but by agreeing to pay that bit extra, you can rest assured that you are doing your bit to Save The Planet from all the Black Oily Gunk.

If you would like to become an early adopter please email us at and we will sign you up.

Initial connection/subscription fee is £500

Our BSE Energy prices are Index Linked to the mean green prices charged by the big 7 energy suppliers plus 100%.

A minimum contract of 1 year is applicable.

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